Hi! I’m Marina Palacio, a 26 year-old multidisciplinary creator.

︎ San Sebastian (Basque Country)

︎ Studies

2014-2018 | Degree in Fine Arts at the UCM in Madrid.

2018-2019 | Master in Filmmaking at EQZE.

︎ Grants & Scholarships

2021 | Ikusmira Berriak - Audiovisual proyects development residency programme.
           Promoted by the San Sebastian International Film Festival, Tabakalera and EQZE.

2020 | Noka Mentoring - Mentoring grant for first feature film.           
             Promoted by the Basque Government.

︎︎ Filmography

2021 - 2022 | ‘And thus it will go on’ (100 min) first feature film in process.

2020 | 'Ya no duermo' (22 min).

             Premiere at the San Sebastian International Film Festival,
             in the Zabaltegi-Tabakalera competitive section.
             Selected from the KIMUAK Basque short film catalogue.

2018 | 'Amá' (15 min) Audiovisual essay.

2017 |  'Miguel en Antoine Doinel' (6 min) Audiovisual essay.

︎ Awards

2021 | Best shortfilm in the Málaga Film Festival.

          | Best iberoamerican shortfilm in Shorts Mexico Film Festival.

          | Best direction for ‘Ya no duermo’ in Requena y Acción Film Festival.

2020 | Welab Award to the best direction of photography for 'Ya no duermo' at the Alcine International Film Festival.  

2017 | First prize in the III Certamen de Valduero con las Bellas Artes with the work 'D-Pósito'.
           Mixed piece of sculpture and photography with the sculptor Iñaki Van der Brule Roldán.

︎ Experience

2021  | Making of ‘Cromlech’ for the Oteiza Museum, with Patxi Burillo Nuin.

           | Making of ‘Salitre’ for the Oteiza Museum and Punto de Vista Film Festival, with Patxi Burillo Nuin.
            A performance by María Salgado.

           | Editing of the videoclip 'Nora' by Izaro. For the film ‘Nora’ by Lara Izagirre.
           | Making of the trailers for the Tabakalera cinema programme in San Sebastian.

2020 | Direction, production, D.O.P and editing of 'Ya no duermo’.

           | Codirection and coediting of 'Plaga' with Mario Sanz.
             Audiovisual piece based on a performance by the artistic collective 'La Comunidad'.
           | Photography teacher at Photogune Lab.
             Theoretical and practical classes to children between 9 and 16 years old.

2019 | Supporting the official team of photographers of the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

          | Director of photography of 'Ella i jo' by Jaume Claret Muxart.
          | Director of photography for the video clip 'No puedo pensar’ by MELENAS (Digital material).

          | Still photograph of 'Polvo Somos' by Estibaliz Urresola.

          | 'Bitartean' photographic project published on the San Sebastian Film Festival website.

︎ Exhibitions

2018 | Collective exhibition ‘The nature of the circle’ at the UCM in Madrid.
          | Photographic project 'NUDE' exhibited at the UCM in Madrid.

2017 | Work 'D-Pósito' on display at the Museum of Intervened Barrels of Valduero, Burgos.

2016 | International Medallic Project Online Group Exhibition, Poland.

           | Collective exhibition 'D-Piedra' at the Escuela Franciso Alcántara in Madrid.

︎ @marinapbur